Travelling Light

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The last three weeks or so I’ve been on a massive de-clutter.  It’s just become very clear to me that I really don’t need all this … stuff.

Today I took 78 pairs of shoes and boots to the charity shop.  I know, I know – most people have never even bought that many shoes!

I’ve also been losing weight – and doing lots more walking.  I’m planning to walk the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain next year with a couple of friends, and I know I need to improve my fitness levels significantly if that is to even begin to look possible.

In this context, the ‘stuff’ is the excess weight that’s just crept up as I approach my 60th birthday.  The ‘stuff’ is also about food that I don’t actually need.  I’ve never had a particularly emotional issue about food – I’ve just been unconscious about it, and I see the results on the bathroom scales.

You probably already know how liberating a good de-clutter feels!

It creates space in the house certainly – but it also seems to create space in your mind.

The Lake, the River or Up Beyond the Waterfall

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(A picture of Ross and me at the beautiful Iguazu Falls on the borders of Argentina and Brazil)

Recently, I asked my He’Art of Thriving Facebook Group what they would like me to write about in this regular blog.  It wasn’t that I was uninspired – I was genuinely curious about what would be most helpful for them.

Here’s the list of suggestions:

  • Death
  • Insecure Thinking and Confidence
  • Making Sense of Grenfell Tower
  • How to coach people who are blaming their circumstances, or other people
  • Why events themselves are neutral
  • Obsessions, Habits and Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • How to tell the difference between our wisdom and our ego

Great – I thought.  I can get stuck into those.

Thirteen Reasons Why – and One Great Big Reason Why Not

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Over the past few weeks, I kept hearing about the Netflix Series “Thirteen Reasons Why”.

So I watched it.  Well, most of it.

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a drama about a teenage girl who commits suicide, Hannah Baker.  Before doing this, she creates thirteen tapes to send out to people who knew her.

Each one is supposedly a “reason” why she killed herself.  Each tape is about a different person, and how they “wronged” her and made her feel so bad she had to end it all.  So these thirteen people are to “blame” for her decision.