The Lake, the River or Up Beyond the Waterfall

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(A picture of Ross and me at the beautiful Iguazu Falls on the borders of Argentina and Brazil)

Recently, I asked my He’Art of Thriving Facebook Group what they would like me to write about in this regular blog.  It wasn’t that I was uninspired – I was genuinely curious about what would be most helpful for them.

Here’s the list of suggestions:

  • Death
  • Insecure Thinking and Confidence
  • Making Sense of Grenfell Tower
  • How to coach people who are blaming their circumstances, or other people
  • Why events themselves are neutral
  • Obsessions, Habits and Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • How to tell the difference between our wisdom and our ego

Great – I thought.  I can get stuck into those.

Thirteen Reasons Why – and One Great Big Reason Why Not

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Over the past few weeks, I kept hearing about the Netflix Series “Thirteen Reasons Why”.

So I watched it.  Well, most of it.

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a drama about a teenage girl who commits suicide, Hannah Baker.  Before doing this, she creates thirteen tapes to send out to people who knew her.

Each one is supposedly a “reason” why she killed herself.  Each tape is about a different person, and how they “wronged” her and made her feel so bad she had to end it all.  So these thirteen people are to “blame” for her decision.

It Might be Simpler than you Think

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In a few days I’ll be speaking at the 3PUK Conference in London.  The conference aims to spread the understanding called the Three Principles – a simple and pre-existing logical understanding of the human mind that both explains Life, and can also transform our experience of Life. I believe there may still be some tickets left.  You can find out more here:

The theme this year is Life 2.0.

It’s called this because when we see some simple truths about the human experience, it’s like an upgrade to our operating system.  I’m speaking specifically about Business 2.0 and I’ve been reflecting on the key differences between the way I used to work with my business clients, and how I work with them now.