It Might be Simpler than you Think

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In a few days I’ll be speaking at the 3PUK Conference in London.  The conference aims to spread the understanding called the Three Principles – a simple and pre-existing logical understanding of the human mind that both explains Life, and can also transform our experience of Life. I believe there may still be some tickets left.  You can find out more here:

The theme this year is Life 2.0.

It’s called this because when we see some simple truths about the human experience, it’s like an upgrade to our operating system.  I’m speaking specifically about Business 2.0 and I’ve been reflecting on the key differences between the way I used to work with my business clients, and how I work with them now.

You’re Always Wearing Virtual Reality Goggles

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Last week, a client of mine at Merlin Entertainments invited Ross and me to try out the new ‘deeper and darker’ ride at Thorpe Park, called Derren Brown’s Ghost Train ride ‘Rise of the Demon’.  (Thank you Leigh!)

I won’t give too much away (#keepthesecret).

The setting is a tube train, and ‘something’ has been disturbed from the depths.  You’re wearing a VR headset for about 70% of the experience.

I found it completely terrifying, and even had to close my eyes at a couple of points! (Although that doesn’t help much, because the staff come and touch your face or brush their hands against your legs at various points!)


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On our recent trip to South Africa, we had lunch with a local businessman, Rob, who had been our guide for a wine-tour on our first visit in 2009.  We’d kept in touch since by e-mail as he’s just a lovely bloke, and very knowledgeable about politics in South Africa (as well as being a true wine connoisseur!)

I can’t remember how we got round to it, but at some point in our conversation Rob reminded us of the word ‘Ubuntu’. (uu-boon-tuu)

…and then he set me a challenge.  “Ask every South African you meet what they mean by this word – you’ll find they all say something slightly different.”

The game was on!

The Antidote to a VUCA World

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It’s hardly ever the things that you don’t know that are a problem.  It’s the things you know for certain that just aren’t true that can get you into trouble.

Things that you know for certain about yourself and what you’re capable of … or not capable of.  Things you know for certain about other people.  About what’s possible.  The limitations you’ve bought into.  Things you believe about how easy or difficult it is to transform your experience.

What’s it like to be you on a really good day?  And a really bad day?  Where do you suppose those feelings are coming from?

Everybody knows that we live in VUCA times.  (VUCA stands for  Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity. )

Be More Zebra

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I hope this finds you thriving!

I’ve just returned from a trip to South Africa, which fell into the category of ‘bleisure’ – that is, part business, part leisure.

(Great word isn’t it?  It’s just been overtaken though by my new favourite word which is ‘Snaccident’ – defined as finding that you have eaten an entire family-size bar of chocolate by mistake!)

My main reason for going was to participate in the One Solution Conference in Cape Town.  This was an amazing and inspiring experience – involving many local people and groups speaking about how the Three Principles understanding is transforming their lives.  You can find out more here: