100 Years: What Have We Really Learned?

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I’m writing this just after the two-minute silence marking 100 years since the end of World War 1.

I’m feeling reflective, moved and a bit disquieted. I apologise in advance if this reads like a bit of a rant – but here goes!

I think it’s wonderful that we remember and honour all the people who gave their lives in this conflict (and all conflicts since).

But I often wonder what we have really “learned” from this event, and others since – as we bow our heads for the two minutes of silence, and we watch world leaders laying down wreaths.

I realise this may be controversial for some… and I really feel it’s time now that we wake up as a society – to who we really are, and what is really going on.

I’m not for a minute ‘blaming’ anybody – and I realise that your average ‘Tommy’ had no choice but to go and die on the battlefields of France.

And I sometimes feel perplexed that as a species, we seem to keep repeating the same mistakes.  Given how much we’ve learned about the material world, the universe, the human brain, and thousands of years of spiritual teachings – how come many people still seem to be so… asleep?

World Mental Health Awareness Day – Special Offer

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Hunton Park

It’s World Mental Health Awareness Day.  Please forward this to anybody (family, friends, colleagues) you know who is suffering right now:

In recognition of World Mental Health Awareness Day, I feel moved to share a very special offer.

Do you struggle with depression, chronic stress, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, an eating disorder or suicidal thinking?  Issues from the past that keep recurring in your mind?  Any kind of “I’m not good enough” thinking?  Do you just feel that there must be more to life than you’re experiencing?

Have you maybe tried medication, meditation, counselling or therapy, mindfulness, or all of these?  Do you sometimes feel that perhaps you are “broken” and that there’s no hope for you?

Then, this is for you.

My work, based on a new and fresh understanding of the mind, helps thousands of people world-wide find peace of mind and an end to struggle and suffering.   I am a certified Master Transformative Coach, and I am the author of three books.  My latest book is called “The He’Art of Thriving” and points readers towards what it takes to truly thrive as a human being.

Every month I facilitate a 3-day immersive workshop with a small group (typically 12 – 16 people), called the “Heart of Thriving”.  This workshop is massively impactful, and has been transformative for 100’s of people over the past ten years.   You can find out more at my website www.heartofthriving.com and also listen in to conversations with previous participants here: http://www.kaizen-training.com/conversations/.

The price-tag is usually £950 + VAT.

If you can fund your own travel and accommodation to Hertfordshire, I am prepared to give away three places completely free of charge.  That’s right, you pay nothing at all.  The only thing you have to lose is your suffering.

This offer ONLY APPLIES to my workshop running 26 – 28 October – so you need to be available on those dates (it’s a Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Contact me on 01923 262278 or e-mail me at kim@heartofthriving.com and we can set up a call to finalise the details.

I am looking forward to connecting with you.  Together, we can explore how you can experience a life with more ease, peace of mind, joy, hope, love, well-being , creativity and clarity than you think is possible right now.

If you’d like to discover this transformative understanding for yourself, my next 3-day Heart of Thriving workshop is the ideal place to begin.  Three days of joyful, connected, discovery about what it takes to truly thrive!  The dates are 26 – 28 October in Hertfordshire.  Contact me for a no-obligation conversation.

My Job is Killing Me, but Who Am I Without It?

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September has seen me travelling to Denmark, Sicily and Czech Republic – a mixture of holiday and workshops. (I can’t tell the difference any more!) So this is my first musing for a while.

I’ve been coaching several people recently who have come to me because they live in a state of chronic stress through:

• Their thinking about their jobs, and how much they have to do
• Their thinking about themselves – often a variation of “not good enough”
• Their thinking about what will happen if they lose their job (in their minds, it will be “the end of the world”)

These people are not “losers”. They would be seen by most of us as highly successful individuals. Their day to day experience of a “stressful life” would even be seen as ‘normal’ by most people.

My work with them is hardly ever about supporting them into a different job. The stress isn’t coming from the job – although it certainly looks that way sometimes. My work with them is pointing them towards an understanding of how to truly thrive – regardless of circumstances.