The Edge

14 August, 20199 October, 2019

A 3-day Retreat 7 – 9 October 2019

Are you a human being who has woken up to the climate crisis?

Do you want to explore what a probable collapse might mean in your life – in good company – and how you might make a difference and reduce suffering as we face into whatever is coming?

The retreat will be underpinned by the Three Principles, or Inside-Out Understanding.  I see us drawing from Joanna Macy’s “The Work that Reconnects”, as well as Deep Adaptation’s 4 Rs’ of Deep Adaptation: Resilience, Relinquishment, Restoration and Reconciliation.

Mostly though, it will be a co-created experience; a profound pause – where we support and ‘hold’ each other as a temporary community through what may be deep and very natural emotional responses.  A way of doing what Martha Postlewaite talks about here:

“Do not try to save the whole world or do anything grandiose.

Instead, create a clearing in the dense forest of your life and wait there patiently,

Until the song that is your life falls into your own cupped hands and you recognize and greet it.

Only then will you know how to give yourself to this world so worthy of rescue.”

You may find yourself in a new and fresh place of possibility about what you want to do in the world, and/or you may find clarity about how you want to BE going forward.

The retreat will be held at Hunton Park, Hertfordshire.  You will need to be available for all three days, and the experience will be immersive.

Hunton Park

The retreat is being offered by Kimberley Hare as part of the gift economy – so there is nothing to pay.  You will just need to fund your own travel and accommodation.