The Seven Days – Inspiration and Clarity Retreat in Romania

The Seven Days Retreat is to support people in bringing their inner calling into the world: it may be writing a book, starting a business, creating a blog, developing a project, creating a song or creating fashion. Or maybe you just want some time for yourself to recharge, reboot and create more inspiration and clarity in your life.

Kimberley Hare will be one of FIVE facilitator/coaches who will support you over the seven days.


This is not a classic training or course, it is a space where you will have insights. The only place from where your ideas flow naturally and come to form in your unique way. Ideas coming from this space will help you rise above the market.

Being original, authentic and genuine will automatically make you stand out. The Seven Days will help you define that expression and give it a name, a form, a shape, a structure or content.


Dive into the magic world of creation and join us for The Seven Days. Places are limited, so we encourage you to book if you feel this is the right place for you to be this summer.

You will experience a unique space as we invite people from our international communites. You will have 5 facilitators/coaches with a depth of experience who will hold the space for you to create as you may never have done before.

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